Friday, January 9, 2009

recently deflowered

Er, no, this post isn't about what you think it's about. Unless you think it's about a 1965 social etiquette book written to prepare a girl for every eventuality (so long as it involves deflowerment). It's by Gorey, if that gives you a hint. A friend passed this along to me, and it may very well be the best thing I've ever seen. Amazon's got nothing, but if anyone ever comes across one of these for me, I will marry you.It's full of wonderful Gorey illustrations, as well as delightful little notes from the authoress, "Miss Hyacinthe Phyppe," after each scenario. For example, following "Deflowered by Proxy," Miss H.P. advises, "When married to practical joker, it is always delightfully feminine to go along with gag."Read all of it here.

(and speaking of collectors...)

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