Thursday, January 1, 2009


Do you make resolutions for new years? I like to keep it simple and attainable, because let's face it: I'm never going to weigh 125 lbs again. This year, while researching our family piano, I realized how little I play it anymore, which in turn reminded me of how little I sing. I've mentioned my background in voice before, and I really do miss it! So my resolution is to sing more. I'll start with the church choir and see where that takes me!

So what's your resolution? If you're looking for inspiration, check out Shutter Mug, a self-portrait project by my good friend Marley. She's a fantastic photographer, and is currently doing a series of inspired by popular new year's resolutions.

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Marley said...

Thanks for the shout!

I remember you saying last night that you were going to sing more. I think that's a wonderful resolution!

Thanks for having all of us over!