Sunday, December 28, 2008


Savannah Doors, originally uploaded by h_roach.
Spent most of the day in Savannah today. We went on this fantastic architectural tour with SCAD graduate Jonathan Stalcup. Man, does he know his stuff. He was really good at going with our pace, pausing for questions, and waiting while I ran off to take photos for doors and roofs, something which would have been difficult on one of the tour trolleys we saw go by. If you're going to be in Savannah, I highly recommend it!

On an unrelated note, my little bro got me Wall-E for Christmas, and I am watching it again. This is the best, happiest, most wonderful movie. It makes me smile, smile, and keep on smiling. Thank you, Pixar, for being fantastic beyond words. I can't wait for Up!

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Laura Marie said...

I love Savannah. Love, love, love it. I know you and Miss Christy and the fam are all having a great time--I head back to DC from NY (again!) today for Mere's wedding. Let me know when you're home--I'm hoping our schedules jive at some point for some hang out time.

I love you.