Tuesday, January 6, 2009

now now now

Hello internet, how is your 2009 so far? Mine has been very relaxed. Since school doesn't start until the end of the month, I've reverted to my high school gamer state and burrowed in with a new sequel to a favourite game--it's like reading a good book with puzzles, pretty music, and visual stimulation thrown in!

Many of you might be missing 2008 already, though, and I totally understand if you are! Lots of things happened this past year, good and bad, and there are plenty of ways to reminisce. There's Dave Barry's annual (and hilarious) Year in Review, complete with Richard Thompson's fantastic illustrations. JibJab also has its Year in Review up, with fewer words and more singing and silly-looking Sarah Palin than Dave's:

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But maybe you're done with 2008, internet. Maybe you're ready to move on. Every January 1st, one of the first things I do is check out the Washington Post's List, and this year was no different. I myself am very ready to embrace a year with Garfield Minus Garfield, even if I am apparently leaving grandpa sweaters and Twitter behind.

Well, ready or not, off into the bright future we go! The above shirt from TypeTees is a perfect new year sentiment, don't you think?

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