Thursday, January 22, 2009

awesomeness in a box

winter swap!
Look what came in the mail today! It's my winter swap package from Anne! This time, I remembered to take photos.
winter swap!
It was full of goodies! I requested Anne send me snow from Chicago, which is apparently a tough thing to accomplish, so she sent me Blistex instead! The little white bag is full of chocolates...I foresee the need for a longer workout tomorrow...
winter swap!
This was the best part: a recipe book of my very own, with a few of her favourites to get me started. I've never been much of a cook, but I've become more interested in making certain things of late (don't get your hopes up, Mom), so this will come in handy!

As usual (and by "usual" I mean "this has happened twice"), Anne totally beat me to the punch in getting this out--I've only begun to put hers together! Major props go to Jamie Meares for thinking this swap thing up last summer--a box of goodies is just the thing to brighten up a day. It's like when we had pen pals as kids...only better. Thanks, Anne!

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