Friday, December 19, 2008

if only

Earlier this week, when I was struggling to put together a paper about Siegfried Bing and desperately trying to think creatively (it felt like I was hitting my head against a wall, seriously), I turned to the internet. After doing every Washington Post crossword puzzle in the archives, plus those from the LA Times and the Palm Beach Post (of all things), I was still doing the head smackeroo. Joanna's gift guides started me thinking about what I would give my loved ones if I had all the money in the world. Well, not all the money. Just, you know, some. It did the trick! So off and on all week, I've been constructing these little guys. I'm rather proud of them, so I thought I'd share. First off, my ladies:

For the friend of 18 years standing, who wrote me notes with pictures on graph paper and goes to Paris when she has a long weekend: the Secret Joy Dress from Anthropologie (for that classy Twinkie look), Charlotte necklace from Luxe Deluxe (because working impossibly long hours doesn't mean you can't also be impossibly cute), and Miller Headband from A Farmer's Daughter (because if anyone can pull off a feathered headband it's this lady).

For the bestest girl hardheaded workaholic who bakes gourmet meals for herself and leaves messages on my machine for my dog: the Easton Shino bag from Kate Spade (to replace the old black bag she doesn't like), the Personal Library Kit from Fred Flare (to replace the old return address label method), and the Morning Glory Duvet in green from Anthropologie (because it matches her vintage painted bookshelf and the throw with the giant Schnauzer face on it seriously creeps me out).

For the first of the two ladies who've made grad school so far bearable, the Quaker girl with the miniature obsession: a subscription to the Handspun Yarn of the Month Club from Simply Twisted Yarn (on the off chance that this would ensure we didn't lose her at the first yarn booth on our next craft show trek), the Providence bracelet from Heartworks by Lori (the colors are pure J), and the Vitra miniature of Alvar Aalto's iconic chair from DWR (because it is small and J loves small and its design is compelling).

For my other grad school gal, who makes phenomenal cookies and wears such awesome tights that strangers comment on them in the Metro: Pyrex mixing bowl set from Five Petals Red (because after vintage tupperware, they're the next best thing), the Electra Ladies' Cruiser in pink (because the DC welcoming comittee stole her bike and she loves pink), and Bacon bandages from Fred Flare (I've never met someone who loved bacon as much as G does, and it was the bandaids or floss--which someone else actually gave her this week).

Now for a couple boys:

The college buddy who is incapable of thinking before he speaks, yet is maybe the most thoughtful person I know: Nintendo mints from Fred Flare (because he once stole a roll of Nintendo stickers out a promotional vehicle in order to plaster them all over campus), Capone the American Bulldog mix who's up for adoption now, the Black and Blue watch from Skagen Denmark (it's hip and professional and so is this dude).

The "little" brother who never comments on this blog despite the fact that he was one of the first to subscribe to it and when I mention in conversation something I've already blogged about, criticizes me for repeating myself: the Flip Ultra camcorder (film was one of the possibilities before he settled on his major), art classes in a great local program as well as some supplies (he's forever been a doodler but has never pursued it), and the Shun Ken Essential 3-piece knife set from Williams-Sonoma (what can I say, the boy likes to cook).

Finally, my lovely parents:

My mom, the retired preschool teacher who gets on the floor with children in doctor's waiting rooms, drives me to the Metro daily to save me paying to park, and who is and always has been the best role model a girl could have: a Gurglepot from (colorful, Asian, and makes noise--perfect), Akoya black pearl earrings from Sunshine Pearls (to match the gorgeous necklace she bought in Hong Kong), and a Naturemill Plus (because she's all about recycling, composting, and gardening).

Lastly my dad, a transplanted Tennesseean engineer who loves aircraft of all kinds, can rattle off the names of every major WWII battle at the drop of a hat, and takes more joy in mowing the lawn than any sane person should: a D-Day tour of Europe from Matterhorn Travel (he's talked about doing this forever), a Club Taku membership (for regular shipments of fresh Alaskan salmon), and a Jungle Feast camp shirt from Tommy Bahama (he's a total TH fanboy).

And, for the heck of it, here's my if-I-had-money vignette: Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego (still my favourite game after all these years), a lifetime supply of polaroid 600 film (my stash is gone and I'm panicking), a Lugano leather suitcase from J. Crew (although since I can't afford to travel, I'd probably just look longingly at it as I saw the world via Carmen Sandiego), and Art Deco Mary-Janes from Anthropologie (because there is nothing about these shoes--in either color--which does not entrall me). I'll admit I was tempted to throw a photobooth of my very own in there too, but this is only fun if there are some boundaries, I think.

Et voila! This was an unbelievably fun exercise and really helped me out in my paper-writing hour of need. I really wish I could buy all of these things for all of the wonderful people in my life. Giving is by far my favourite part of Christmas, and I hope that shopping isn't so stressful for folks that they forget how wonderful the feeling of finding that perfect gift is. Merry merry, y'all!


Laura Marie said...

My Schnauzer throw is not creepy! It's a personalized love letter to the very obstinate, poorly trained dog who owns a chunk of my heart.

I love you and I LOVE my "hypothetical" gifts.

Wu said...

Marvelous picks - yay for stylish musings! Absolutely adorable. I love every one of them, and I think you'd rock the San Diego look like no other. Fun! Good luck...

Anonymous said...

I will take the giant schnauzer throw! ;-)) My giants would love it also. Love the rest of your ideas!

Kelly Anne said...

gs, if it were up to me, I'd wrap that throw up for you in a package with a big ole bow! (Sorry Laur)