Friday, December 19, 2008


I love the little decorative elements in these Airspace properties, which are beautifully styled and available for use in photo shoots.
Castlebar Cabin
This is the Castlebar Cabin, a lovely little one-room structure on the property of Castlebar in West London. I love the single green wall against the white of the floors and other walls, the colored glass in the windows (not to mention the ironwork and those shutters!), the perfectly placed single empty frame, and the pretty paisley bedspreads. The hanging watering cans and baskets round out the whole space.

It's probably no surprise that the other space that caught my eye is heavy on industrial brick, wood, and metal. Plus: spiral staircase. I'm less eloquent on the parts of this I like because it's more the overall feeling that draws me. Warm and worn. This is located in North London, and is quite large. The webpage gives a more comprehensive look at its 3 stories.

Airspace found via Katy Elliot.

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Prêt à Voyager said...

I've always dreamed of living in an industrial loft!