Monday, October 6, 2008

look at the tail on that one

Call me a broken record, but today's e-mail from awesome vintage shop Three Potato Four has me buzzing and I will not be silenced! And here's the reason:this little guy with his pretty, pretty smile. I'm not exactly drowning in excess funds at the moment (who is?), so rather than snatch him up, I decided to look wistfully at all of 3P4's other whales. There's the adorable sticker stamp set:The chalkboard (which I know I've blogged about before, but seriously--look at it):And last but certainly not least, this awesome (and sadly sold) fellow. Be warned: if you or someone you love own one of these guys, you don't want to let me see it. I will take you down.Ah, Three Potato Four. Why must you be so awesome, your wares so yummy?

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