Friday, October 3, 2008

crafty bastards round-up part 1

Last Sunday, the Washington City Paper held their craft fair, humorously called "Crafty Bastards." Now, this was a fun fair. Sadly, my camera was DOA, so no photos from the fair. Still, here's a rundown of my favourite booths:

Final Approach
Their Etsy shop is currently empty, but keep an eye on these folks. I love the charm of old luggage, but these pieces I would use. I'd look at everyone else with their black rolling suitcases and laugh.

I was at the Fair with a knitter, so there was much excitement about these pieces by DC artist Rania. For my part, I was enthused over her beautiful Moleskin notebooks.Jaime Zollars
I lingered a nice long while at Jaime's booth almost buying several things. And if I'd have $20 more in my pocket, I'd probably have that fellow up there on my wall right now. Oh, and if you get the e-mails from AT's Maxwell, then you saw Victoria's wonderful list of print sources--Jaime Zollars has works for sale at Thumbtack Press.

There were a few themes we saw over and over--the main one was mustaches, but there were whales here and there for me to giggle over. Imogene's jewelry spoke to me.Just look at the whales! You can specify chain lengths on the pendant. She has so much more than whales, too, including a gorgeous line inspired by art nouveau, so check out her shop!

Whew! I haven't even gotten to the places from which I purchased goodies. It might be a while, but stay tuned for more from the Bastards.

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