Friday, October 3, 2008


The presentation I nearly slept through touched on the 1925 Paris Exposition of Decorative Arts (the one that gave "Art Deco" its name), and I learned something new about it. The main rule of the Expo (and the reason why the US didn't participate) was that all pieces exhibited be utterly avant-garde, entirely new and uninspired by past movements. Original ideas can be pretty tough to find, especially when you're swimming in a pool full of so much history. Well, the folks back then managed pretty well and--whaddaya know--we're not doing too badly these days, either. Here are two ideas which caught my eye and imagination today:

There are books which tell stories, and then there are books which tell stories.Clever, clever, clever. From artist Nina Katchadourian via Jo (who--I swear--sees all there is to see on the internet).

Check out the play on negative space in the 2007 piece by Jaren Goh Designs featured at the 2008 Milan Furniture Fair in the Nhow Milano. Via an Oh Joy! post which has since disappeared (it's back!). Any piece of furniture that makes me look twice at it is a winner in my book!

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