Sunday, October 5, 2008


Okay, this is maybe the sweetest thing I've ever seen. Margaret and Helen, both in their 80s, have been best friends since they met in college 60 years ago. There's only one problem: Helen lives in Texas; Margaret in Maine. Their solution? A blog.

The entries are adorable: everything from the sharing of news, to helpful instructions (That is a “smiley” face… my nephew showed me how to make it from “:” and “-”and a “)”… you might need to look at it sideways to see it), to political statements, and (my favourite) an open letter to family regarding Thanksgiving dinner:
"Harold and I want you to know that the house is really not new to us anymore so we plan to “chill” compared to the last time all 200 of you stopped by. Big Red, however, is still not allowed. Everything else is open for negotiation. Except Olivia. Olivia is definitely not allowed. And Brian. Olivia and Brian are definitely not allowed. And dogs that pee on furniture or carpet. Olivia, Brian and dogs with weak bladders. And Uncle Harvey."
I can only hope that when I'm 82, I'm still chatting it up with my best girls.

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