Thursday, September 11, 2008

nothing rhymes with orange

I'm down in Richmond, VA to scope out the 19th and 20th century European dec arts collection at the VA Museum on Fine Arts, only I've just discovered that due to construction the collection is closed. Fortunately for me, i suwannee posted this fabulous bookcase which brought many smiles back to my face. I'd like nothing more than to reach into that photo, nab that oh-so-orange radio, and run all the way home with it. Checking out the original sneak peek post from Design*Sponge also revealed the kitchen with its phenomenal OJ sign.We stopped at the Pope-Leighey House (my first FLW house) on the way down and have gotten to hang out with my aunt, so the trip wasn't a total bust. Now we see about rustling up some culture for tomorrow. I've got to choose an item to study for the next 3 months and then write exhaustively on. Serious stuff!!

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