Monday, September 1, 2008

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I feel the need to post as my classes begin Wednesday and the great Booba only knows when you'll ever see me again after that. Three Potato Four just sent out an e-mail advertising their new vintage items (which, typically, were snatched up in seconds--the ones I wanted, anyway), and it got me thinking about the final decorative bits and pieces I'm missing in my room. The major lack of curtains aside, there are some little things.
I am on the lookout for a corded phone and this one just speaks to me. The colors, the curves, everything. Unfortunately for me, the price tag is a bit high for my piggy bank at the moment.I love the versatility of this piece--each sign is double-sided, so you can switch it depending on your mood, your decor, the day of the week, etc. Personally, I love the yellow, and if I was looking for a more horizontal piece than I am, I'd be on it like white on rice.I am so undecided on this guy, it's killing me. I love the color, the worn condition, and it's the right sort of thing I need (simple, graphic, and not too wide), but I can't decide if it's just right or not. Seriously, I reached for the "buy" button a half a dozen times in the past 5 minutes. I can't seem to go through it it, though, and I think it's because it's wood and I have a lot of wood in the room. I'd ideally like something metal and more industrial.

All in all, however, something tells me I should probably be more concerned about buying the Moleskin notebooks I'll be needing for class.

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