Thursday, July 17, 2008

shorpy, and other memories

If you're a fan of vintage and historical photos, checking out Shorpy, the "100-Year-Old Photo Blog" is a must. Named after a boy who worked in an Alabama coal mine near the turn of the century, Shorpy was started by a man named Dave, although the site runs something like a collective now. The photos posted range from finds from members' attics to pieces from various archives. What they all have in common, however, is that they're available in high definition, perfect for desktop backgrounds.

The above photo originated in the National Photo Company Collection, and is currently serving as the background on my computer here at work. My finding it has made me something of a celebrity; Maytag is one of the companies we represent here. Seeing all of those wringers certainly makes me appreciate my washer and dryer, let me tell you!
It turns out that the company which makes the high quality prints for Shorpy, Plan 59, is located less that 5 miles from me, in Fairfax. In addition to Shorpy prints, they have hundreds of mid-century illustrations and advertisements available, including some gorgeous depictions of interior design.

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