Wednesday, June 4, 2008

flippity floppity

When my brother first brought home his puppy, Leilani, affectionately known as "Lani the Destroyer," among the first of her victims were my two favourite pairs of sandals. The first pair were handmade, bought in Greece from "The Poet Sandal Maker of Athens." They were more injured than destroyed, still it's safe to say that those won't be getting replaced anytime soon. The other pair were flip-flops bought at a J. Crew outlet in South Carolina. They were decimated.

I mourned those shoes.

So it was with GREAT JOY that I saw the sign for 50% off of flip-flops at the J. Crew outlet near me. My glee is such that I wished to share it with the world, and I see from the website that the sale is available everywhere. Lovers of flip-flops, go forth and BUY.

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