Wednesday, May 7, 2008

piece of the week

I decided a little while back that I wanted to do some sort of weekly posting. Keep up a theme. As much as I would love (love, love, love) to join in the Photobooth Friday action, it's been made abundantly clear that no photobooth can survive in my area unbroken. So I brainstormed, and decided that I'd do a decorative art piece of the week, as that's my field. I picked Wednesdays because when I was eight they were my favourite day of the week (although that was related to the ham-cheese-croissant sandwiches the school cafeteria sold then), and because they always make me think of an extremely awesome song. And so it begins.

Animal-Shaped Lamp, Snail from Anthropologie. I am seriously in love with this lamp. I've never had very strong opinions about lamps, my requirements are generally (1)How much room will it take up, and (2) Can I read by it. But in recent years I have developed a strange love of snails, and this lamp just speaks to me. In snail.

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