Wednesday, May 14, 2008

piece of the week: canopy chair

Meet the canopy chair. The one on the right is Louis XV and is currently available through Jayson Home & Garden in Chicago (on sale, even! although at $3700, that's a relative statement). The chair on the left is one of a pair available through Pieces, Inc. in Atlanta. They're a little later, dating from the 19th century, but are also French and are nonetheless very rare. They look to be in beautiful condition (the upholstery is new).

For those of us without thousands of dollars lying around, there's always lunch at the cafe at Bergdorf Goodman, where Kelly Wearstler's interior includes custom Louis XV-style canopy chairs (by Sunview Finishing in LA).

There's also the modern equivalent I found (via style court), courtesy of Downtown.

Their canopy chair (link is a pdf) is lighter, more open, fluid, and has a flat back. While it's lovely, I think I prefer the rounded back of the antiques. I enjoy furniture I can hide in.

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