Thursday, May 22, 2008

beautiful old things

Due to the wonder of the internet and to my love of doors which is apparently a collective insanity, I've discovered a couple of really delightful wholesale antique places, both in Louisville, Kentucky. The first is European Antique Market, which features primarily French goods (and a proprietress, Shawn, who is one of us). Through her I found Blue Ocean Traders, another wholesale specializing in everything from Egyptian settees to Asian screens. I'm not a huge fan of antiques (a store generally has to really be something special to interest me), but I love the stuff this place sells.

Angry Cat Cabinet (which, incidentally, is the greatest name ever)Dough Bowl with Stand

European Dining Table - Long

European Survey Stand


Adam Gurri said...

I saw this post being made! Also, neat logo you guys put together.

Kelly Anne said...

You like it? It took hours. Peter is a mad, babbling, perfectionist genius.

Country French Antiques said...

Merci beacoup for the mention!!
I also happen to be a door fanatic, in case you couldn't tell.
Thanks made my day :)

Lisa & Alfie Wilson said...

I'm glad you found Shawn. She is inspiring and her blog is amazing. One of my top 5 favorite blogs.
Lisa & Alfie