Thursday, May 31, 2012

Some Things I Thought About At The Beach

(in somewhat chronological order)

1. This is the best.
2. I wish my dog was here.
3. Glad I remembered to shave my legs.
4. Mindy Kaling's book was a good choice for the beach.
5. I did a good job with my sunscreen; no burns for me!
6. I hurt everywhere.
7. I'm glad my cousin is here.
8. I'm going to have sand in my hair forever, aren't I.
9. If I skinny-dipped in the pool at midnight, would anyone notice?
10. There are four dogs in the house, of course they would notice.
11. No skinny dipping for me.
12. Did I get a sunburn on my scalp??
13. Guess I'm wearing a hat from now on.
14. Skylar is hilarious.
15. Yellow toenail polish was the best idea.
16. Fish and chips are delicious!
17. This hat is actually pretty great.
18. Is the weekend really almost over?
19. I'm going to miss my North Carolina family.
20. This is the best.

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