Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

I am staying in my aunt's house while she is conquering the globe (as she does), and this photo is sitting on one of the shelves.  I used to hate that not only had someone taken this photo, but they'd also printed it, framed it, and then PUT IT IN PUBLIC, but now I sort of dig it.  I mean, look at that thing on my head.  That is one ridiculous thing.  But not only did my mother purchase it for me, she let me out of the house in it, and then consented to be photographed with it.  That's love, ladies and gentlemen.  I mean, it's obvious that between my mom's purple and green striped jacket and my grandmother's rope-trimmed sweater that my Colonial Williamsburg hat (that's where it came from--my hand to God) was not the most fabulous thing at that particular family Easter.

And lest you think either of us have gotten over these particular traits--me of demanding ridiculous things, my mother of humoring me out of love--I present this photo (taken yesterday) as definitive proof to the contrary.
Sorry, guys.  We all played the Mom Lotto in the womb, and I won.

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