Sunday, January 22, 2012

The People I Saw, the Meals I Ate

I've mentioned here before that one of my very best besties, a lady named Laura, lives and works in New York City.  So, I try to find a weekend once a year or so to drag my carcass up to her and let myself be entertained by the city (not to say that I only see her once a year--her parents still live a half a mile from mine, after all).  This year, I bribed my boss with the promise of the tackiest souvenir I could find him and took the Friday before MLK Day (not to be confused with MILK Day) off to give myself lots and lots of New York time.  Laura requested a blog devoted to our experiences, so I am providing.  She gave up half her bed for the weekend, after all.

In the past, my New York weekends have been about seeing museums and finding photobooths (spending time with Laura goes without saying).  I still love museums and photobooths, but this visit was more about seeing awesome people and eating great things.
Friday: Spent most of it on the bus, in the seat with the broken outlet.  I watched an old animated Tintin movie I rented from iTunes, praying my laptop battery would hold.  I finished with 10 minutes to spare.  Once in the city, Laur and I sped off to Brooklyn to a book release party I was determined to attend (we're in the above photo, sort of behind that other dude).  
People Seen: A Ton, including Yuko, Anath, Conrad, and John.  
Meals Eaten: Carrot Ginger Soup at Alchemy (A)
Bodega Kitty: Yes
Saturday: the theme was walking and photobooths.  Mostly walking.  Searched for a mug, sadly in vain, then hogged the photobooth in the Ace Hotel for awhile.  Were madly impressed by the place.  Walked a million miles to linger over brunch with good friends, then walked a million more for pie and more photostrips.  Happily took the train to Union Square to peek into Books of Wonder, then took in a flick.
People Seen: Peter, Jordan, A Bunch of Kid's Publishing Folks, Simon Pegg
Meals Eaten: Croque Monsieur and Mimosa at Le Parisien  (A+), Michigan Sour Cherry Pie at Bubby's (A)
Photobooths: Two
Souvenir Mugs: :(
Sunday: the theme was books and scones.  Scooted down to Harlem for an early brunch with an awesome Twitter friend, visited with her pups, then accidentally got off at the wrong stop for the Met, so we walked across Central Park (a first for me).  Tried to see several special exhibitions at the Met, couldn't find all but two (lots of galleries were closed, cutting off our routes across the 2nd floor).  Hopped over to Alice's Tea Cup for a Mad Hatter Tea.  Ended the evening at the Strand.
People Seen: Pamela, Chip, Ringo (pups are people, too), somebody's suit-of-armor boyfriend
Meals Eaten: Blackberry Cherry Pancakes at Kitchenette (B+), Curried Chicken Salad & Cucumber Watercress sandwiches (C & A), Tomato-Basil, Mixed Berry, & Buttermilk scones (A+, B+, & A), Lemon Tart (A+), and Trafalgar Square Tea (A) at Alice's Tea Cup
Books: 18 Miles
Scones: So Many

Monday was spent on the bus, with a functioning outlet, watching Jane Eyre and eating leftover Alice's cookies.  Since then, I have apparently been attempting to recreate the weekend, mostly through scones.  My tomato-basil effort turned out weird, my buttermilk (using the Alice's recipe) are better.

All in all, a very successful weekend!  Thanks for the food, art, books, folks, and pretty little flurries, New York!

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