Monday, December 5, 2011

Loving: Bottle Brush Trees

I don't really have any of my own Christmas decorations.  I tend to buy what I need at drug and dollar stores, and then those things always seem to get left behind when I move on.  But I've been thinking lately about building my own set of decorations, and I've been madly inspired by bottle brush tree collections.
to you and yours
This one belongs to Andrea of Hula Seventy, and I am insanely envious of it.  Especially those big pink lovelies.
These are Madelyn Mulvaney's.
purple bottlebrush
This violet collection belongs to Amy Dame of Glitter, Vinyl, and Thread.

These could be fun stocking stuffers, don't you think?  Each year, a new little tree to add to the collection.  This would work for any holiday collection, too--ornaments, snow globes, etc.  I, however, am sticking to my bottle brush dreams.

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Wu said...

Cute AND crafty!