Saturday, December 10, 2011

Los Angeles Love Affair

During my year as a VISTA, I rented 500 Days of Summer and watched it, bundled up on my couch in our, cold, cold house.  I enjoyed it, for various reasons, one of which was that it was a movie that took place in Los Angeles without taking place in HOLLYWOOD.  I've never been to LA (or California at all), and I absolutely loved seeing the city portrayed on the screen in that way.  I mentioned as much to my friend and fellow VISTA who happened to be from LA herself.  The following conversation ensued:

Jamie: You know, I used to blog about that.
Me: About what?
Jamie: About all of the awesome stuff in LA that isn't Hollywood.
And then we dragged out my laptop and spent forever oo-ing and ah-ing over her past posts.  Even better than seeing a city through the lens of a movie camera is discovering it through the words of someone who loves it dearly.  And so it was with great pleasure that I discovered that Jamie, back at home in California, has restarted the blog, Los Angeles Love Affair.  She specializes in the weird and fun, things that most folks have no clue are even there if they haven't spent their lives exploring it.  As Jamie is about the most adventurous person I've ever met, you can expect a LOT of fun and weird.
Do yourself a favor and get lost in Jamie's Los Angeles.  Take it from someone who's never been there: it's awesome.

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