Friday, November 25, 2011

Ottoman Hunting

So I have this chair.  It belonged to my grandmother, and in West Virginia it became Vista's favoured perch.  However, it now lives in the same room as her bed, so she doesn't use it much (also, I tend to pile clothes on it).  However, I would like to use it.  Specifically, I would like to read in it.  It can be tricky to find places in this house to settle in with a book, and I'm a needs-silence sort of reader.  I usually end up in bed, but lately that's been giving my back fits.  So, I would like to use my red velvet chair.  This, naturally, has led to a mad search for an ottoman.  How's a girl supposed to read with her feet on the ground?

Here are some options I've dug up.  I'm leaning towards the CB2 knit pouf, but man, that yellow Moroccan fellow is pretty great, too.  What do you think?
Ape for Ottomans


The Morty said...

Does the poof come in red/ And is Vista likely to kick it around the room like a gigantic hackeysack?

Kelly Anne said...

This one does:

And no, too big for her. We have a big yoga ball, which she doesn't seem to realize is a ball.