Monday, August 29, 2011

state letterpress prints

Just when I decide to buckle down and start long-form blogging again (I've remained very active on Twitter and Tumblr), both of my digital cameras go kaput.  On the same day.  One of them isn't dead-dead (the battery's dead and the charger is missing in action), but the other one ominously produced a spark the last time I unplugged its upload cord and has refused to take photos since.

Fortunately, there will always be folks producing beautiful things that I can write about sans photos snapped by me.  Like these fantastic state letterpress prints, for example!  Do you live in a state that you like quite a lot?  I do!  Which is why I love the Virginia print (which is made even better by the presence of my alma mater's school colors).  Here are a few other, non-Virginia states (click photo for link):
Also awesome: snow globe prints!

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