Saturday, March 12, 2011

colorpack love

A couple weeks ago, before I knew I'd be traveling to the Galapagos, I bought a vintage Polaroid Colorpack II on Etsy.  I have a Polaroid 600 series, which I love, and I've had mixed success with Impossible Project film, but it's pricier than I can afford these days.  The Colorpack II has options, and I like having options.  It works with Fujifilm, which has color and black and white varieties, and Impossible makes film for it, too, if ever I have some extra cash and want to give it a try.

I started out with a box of Fujifilm FP-100c color film.  My first efforts were just sad, really.  I'd never used peel-apart film before, and it just felt like the camera and I weren't speaking the same language.  Today, out walking in the park with my dog and a friend, something finally clicked.  The results are gorgeous and I am completely in love.  And so the Polaroid obsession continues.


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