Thursday, March 10, 2011

the boy amelie

If you love stories of people doing kind things, the movie Amelie, photos, travel, people...basically, if you are a human person with a beating heart, you need to watch these little films.  If they don't completely enchant you, then I seriously doubt you actually are a human person with a beating heart.

Todd Bieber (who is making me rethink my knee-jerk negative reaction to hearing the name "Bieber") found a film canister in New York's Prospect Park during one of the city's big blizzards this past winter.  Seeing as how he had recently made a vow to seek more adventure in his life, he decided to develop the photos and try to find their owner.  Also, seeing as how he is a videographer, he did so by making a short movie about it.  And then another.  And then, after the owner was found, a third and final film.  Because along the way he had made contact with hundreds of strangers, many of whom he met when his quest to reunite the film with its owner took him all the way to Europe.

Watch these videos.
via Pret a Voyager, who probably loves Amelie even more than I do and makes me wish I had the courage to up and move to Paris, too.


Laura Marie said...

Kel--I love this story.

Kelly Anne said...

Isn't it lovely?