Wednesday, January 26, 2011

public art app

This sounds so neat!  EpiCollect is an app for iPhone and Android that's designed so people can create their own projects and collect information about whatever they're interested in.  One user, Richard McCoy, an art conservator, has created what he calls the Public Art Documenter.  The idea is that users download the EpiCollect app, snap photos of public art wherever they see it, and then upload it to a database.  From what I've seen, the database works in much the same way museum cataloging software does--you fill in where you saw the piece, the medium, the maker, and its date of creation.

I'm interested in whether McCoy will outline what he sees as "public art," or whether he'll allow others to define it themselves.  I consider the piece in the above photo, which I snapped in Memphis a few years ago, to be art, but so far all of the objects in the database seem to be outdoor sculptures.  If you decide to partake, let me know what you think of it!  I don't have a smartphone, so I'm afraid I'm out of the running.

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