Monday, January 31, 2011

new favourite blog

I can distinctly remember the moment, sometime in fourth grade, I think, when I was reading a history textbook, saw a photo of a particularly handsome historical figure, and realized Oh my God, some of the dudes back then were cute!  I never shared this revelation, because at the time liking history was totally uncool and I was convinced that I was the only girl who ever thought a historical figure was hot.  And I somehow continued in this belief, despite going on to major in art history and studying lots and lots of attractive dead guys.

Thank God Bangable Dudes In History has set me right.

Reasons why this is my new favourite blog:

1. History is cool
3. Dudes

Do I actually need to say anything more?


Bronwyn said...

I love this blog! Especially the one on Stalin, weirdly enough...

Kelly Anne said...

Yeah! He was a cutie. A crazy, deformed, murderous dictator, but a cutie in youth, apparently.