Wednesday, January 26, 2011

movie title collection

Christian Annyas has seen a lot of movies.  To prove he'd seen them (or at least the first ten minutes of them) to doubting Thomases, he began collecting stills.  His website preserves for posterity the title and end shots of hundreds of films, all the way back to 1902.

When I was a kid and I stayed home sick from school, I would watch hours and hours of classic films on Turner Classic Movies.  I have no idea what drew me to it, but I was hooked.  These stills take me back to those days drowning in opening credits accompanied by orchestral suites and grand "The End" screens.  Even if you don't hold the same sort of nostalgia, I recommend checking it out.  The website itself is an excellent example of stylish and functional design.

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Wu said...

Ah the good ole credits... man I want to watch some TCM nowtimes.