Tuesday, December 21, 2010

last minutes with oden

I'm not going to lie, this short film, about a man saying goodbye to his beloved dog, will make you cry.  Especially if you've ever had to say goodbye to a pet of your own.  It all but slayed me, and I hate crying.  But you should watch it, because it's a beautiful film, and when you finish wiping your tears away, you will feel so good.

And then you'll go out and adopt a three-legged dog.

via Time


Marley said...

I saw this short film months ago and can't bear to watch it again. Losing a pet is so hard. Beautiful film but too painful to watch

Kelly Anne said...

I know. I mentioned it to a friend last night, and she said "Do you want to watch a film about the last days of a dog's life?" I was like, maybe tomorrow, but right ow I'm too shattered.