Friday, November 12, 2010

delicious gorey covers

If you've hung around here any length of time, you know by now that I adore Edward Gorey.  There is no other word than adore.  His words and art, creepy as they might seem to some, make me want to crawl into them, curl up, and stay for awhile.

Gorey is well-known for many things, his books and animation among them, but often forgotten are the fantastic paperback covers he illustrated, frequently also creating the typography.  This Flickr collection shows many of those books, all of which belong to a single private library.  Oh, the jealousy, it burns!
ps: If you enjoy Gorey's covers and also laughing, you will probably also love Kate Beaton's series of comics based on Gorey covers (all four parts).


Bronwyn said...

I love the cover of the Wanderer....

Wu said...

OMG the comics rock so hard. My sides hurt from laughing.