Friday, October 1, 2010

listening to

The drive from West Virginia back to my parents' house takes about 4 and a half hours, and for about 2 of those hours, I have no cell reception.  Sometimes I listen to podcasts, but I've found that the trips tends to develop a music theme despite me.  I'll listen to my library on shuffle until something hits me and I have to listen to it (and other things like it) the rest of the drive.  A couple months ago, it was Spamalot, and it's often Hans Zimmer's score from Sherlock Holmes.  My last trip back from home, it was Arcade Fire's new album "The Suburbs" (and Chrome users--you've seen this, right?).

I'm home this weekend, and in honor of the roller derby I'm going to tomorrow, I started my trip with the Whip It soundtrack, which is about as fantastic as the movie.
"Pot Kettle Black" - Tilly & the Wall
"Never My Love" - Har Mar Superstar (feat. Adam Green)
And then I drove into a monsoon, and my ipod switched over to Mumford and Sons, which I discovered on the advice of my music-savvy little brother and is pretty much the greatest thing.  And, as it turned out, was the perfect music to accompany monsoon-driving.
"The Cave"

"Little Lion Man" (Mom, you might not like the language in this one.)
And this concludes your super-long edition of listening to!

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