Tuesday, August 17, 2010

stripes and whales and boats, oh my!

I accidentally spent an hour this morning browsing Modcloth (oops!), where I found yet more ships and stripes to obsess over.  I think this has elevated to the point where it is officially a "problem."

Dresses first:

From the top: Get Connected Dress, Ice Cream Sandwich Dress, Little Italy Dress, and The Stylish Wanderer Dress.  The last is definitely my favourite.  I've been so inspired by two of my fellow VISTAs who wear day dresses so effortlessly, when I always feel like I should be on my way to church.  Perhaps one or more of these ladies will change my tune.


From the top: Into the Sunset Tee, Tagline Top, Golden Street Top, Marine Biolo-tee.  My summer uniform has become denim shorts and a soft, bit-too-big tee or tank, striped if I can manage it.  These would fit right in, don't you think?  I adore them all.


Aire said...

Thanks for featuring our items on your blog! We appreciate the support. And also it quite a compliment that we can keep you busy for an hour on our site! We love our fans!

Have a nice day!

Aire @ModCloth

Kelly Anne said...

Ha, I have spent much longer than an hour in the past! Thanks for stopping by!