Saturday, August 21, 2010

listening to

I have the house to myself this weekend, and I've been taking advantage of it.  Torturing my dog with a squeaky toy app, playing music way loud, etc.  Here's what's been playing.
This is Cee-Lo Green, the voice behind Gnarls Barkley.  I REALLY love this song (and its genius video), but seeing as how the title of it is "F**k You" (you know, minus the asterisks), and seeing as how my mother reads this blog, I decided to keep it clean.  And really, "What Part of Forever" is a great song, even if it is on the Eclipse soundtrack.  I'm tying not to hold that against it.

Speaking of movie soundracks...
Scott Pilgrim, man. SCOTT PILGRIM.  The music is kind of fantastic.  AND the actors actually sing the Sex Bob-omb songs, which is all-the-way fantastic.

Anyway, there ya go.  And proof (SAM) that I do so listen to stuff recorded in the past decade.

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