Friday, March 26, 2010

this week in awesome

This is another two-weeker, because the week before last was a little crazy and I didn't get to it. Whee!

the Doggie Gaga Project: love it.
I am ridiculously excited about l.l. bean's new signature collection
when I lived in Italy, all I ever saw were skinny dudes with fauxhawks in acid-washed jeans: where was he?
dying over these wedding rings
can't decide what I like best in this fabulous house tour.  It might be the stove.
there is nothing not perfect about this book cover.
my good friend was bullied into removing a comment from her blog, and the DCist responded with a fantastic post about bloggers' rights.
extreme ironing.  'Nuff said.
the Scott Pilgrim trailer is up!  You have read Scott Pilgrim, haven't you?

photo by honor of the sunny, sunny days we've had these past weeks


Wu said...

Wow. Is there a bloggers' rights manifesto? Honestly there should be. Also grabbed the L.L. Bean catalogue with no small amount of anticipation.

Patricia Snook said...

Fantastic links! I'm so excited to see polaroid film is being made again!!!

Have a fab weekend