Wednesday, March 24, 2010


When we were little, my dad called my brother and me "Fred 1" and "Fred 2" (I was Fred 1, or, if he was feeling fancy, Frederica).  To this day, I have no idea why.  My brother and I are pretty weird dudes, but my dad is the original.

Happy Birthday to Fred.0!


Marley said...

Crossfire was the BEST!

Happy Birthday to your daddio!

Kelly Anne said...

I know! I'm pretty sure we still have it somewhere. Peter used to shout "YOU'LL GET CAUGHT UP IN THE" every time he spotted it.

Laura Marie said...

Dude. You're EXTREMELY blond. I mean, I knew...but seeing it is a different matter all together.

Super, super, super cute picture.

Kelly Anne said...

Laur- I know! Weird, right? I was born a redhead, then was practically a toehead as a kid, and now my hair is brown...ish? I feel I've been cheated.