Friday, March 26, 2010

looking at in bedding

I don't know when I became so capricious in my bedding selections.  Actually, it was probably right around the same time I realized that I had three black-haired animals who all use my bed at one point or another in the course of the day.  I love my yellow-stripe duvet, but it really doesn't get along with my pet hair.  At ALL.  Luckily, spring styles are coming to the rescue!
Again with the corals.  I'm really loving pinks and oranges!
This quilt makes me want to have a baby right now.

from the top: Lilly Pulitzer Treasure Chest Quilt, Ruffled Circle Quilt, Bambridge Check Bedlinen, Cross Stitch Bedlinen, Circle 'Round Sheet Set, Solar System Quilt

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