Tuesday, March 30, 2010

lani's morning

Inspired by Buster, Lani decided she wanted to share her day with you.
This is me, Leilani.  This is my bed.  It's in Mom's* room.  This is where I sleep at night.
This is also my bed.  I sleep here in the mornings and sometimes at night, too.  I let Mom share it.  Next to the bed is my window.  It helps me guard the house very well.  I am a good guard dog.
This is my chair.  These windows also help me guard the house.  I am usually here.  Mom sits at the desk, and Summer hides underneath.  Summer is my sister, kind of.  She's a little silly.
Sometimes Sam uses my chair.  He is not a guard dog like me, but he likes to watch the birds.  Sometimes we watch birds together.  Sam is my brother, kind of.  He is the best cat ever.
This is really Sam's chair.  Actually, all the chairs are mine, but I don't like this one.  So I let Sam use it.
This is me with Mom.  She asked for my help on her blog, so I am helping.  My other mom is here, too, also helping.

These are things I do in the morning, usually.  I hope your day is happy.

*Lani is actually my brother's dog, but for the sake of simplicity she calls me "Mom"

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Laura Marie said...


Thank you for sharing your day with all of us!