Tuesday, January 5, 2010

photo shoot

So I showed you the photo that Marley took of my brother, the dogs, and me which turned into my parents' big surprise, but Marley took a lot of great photos that day.  Seriously, it was nearly impossible to choose which one to use.  So here are some of the other shots from our morning in Remington.  The above photo was the runner-up for the big print, but in the end we decided we wanted the dogs to be in it.

I love this one because Casey is talking to the dogs, whose leashes Marley was standing on as she snapped away.  And lastly, one of Summer in the car driving down.


Veronica said...

So cute! Marley did a fab job!

Kelly Anne said...

I know! When it came time to choose, I definitely cursed having such a talented friend; it was so hard!