Friday, December 25, 2009

this week in awesome

Here is a special Christmas Day list of awesome things I saw around the interwebs this week.  Will this turn into a weekly thing?  Perhaps.  I enjoy weekly things.

House tours: the bright and quirky Smith home and Leslie's colorful and cozy home.

Andrea's holiday decorations--I love her bottle brush trees!

Hilarious list of authors and the people who read them. via Adam

YA author Maureen Johnson is giving away a free e-copy of one of her books!

Catherine takes a fascinating look at the years when Odessa Madre ruled Washington.

Not only did Albert Einstein do groundbreaking physics things, he also had a snazzy wristwatch.

VA governor Tim Kaine gets a surprise on his final radio segment when "Barry from DC" calls in.

 I love this argyle-themed Christmas photo!

Fantastic idea for what to do with old Christmas cards.

And if you get tired of ice and snow (I am, a little bit), just watch this video of lapping wave a few times.  Works wonders.

photo by i.anton

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