Wednesday, November 25, 2009

meet gloria

I have, in the past, alluded to a friend of mine I've called G.  We met in grad school orientation and hit it off, our snarky, sarcastic auras meshing across the crowded room.  She has spoken, on and off, about beginning a blog, an endeavor I've heartily endorsed.  So, internet, I'm please to introduce to you my G: Gloria Evonne.

She's calling her blog Glowing Evenings, and knowing Glo, it is going to be 100 kinds of awesome.  I predict that humor, design, pottery, history, and--I'm going out on a limb here--bacon will be regular visitors.  Oh, internet, now you get Gloria, too!  I am so happy for you!

(that bacon thing--that was a lie. there's totally gonna to be a sh*t-ton of bacon on that blog)

1 comment:

Gloria Evonne said...

Thanks, dear! I hope to live up to your expectations!