Wednesday, October 28, 2009

welsh blankets

So I have a thing about Wales.  Yes, I am of Welsh descent.  I am also of French, English, Irish, and Scottish descent.  I've only been there once, for one day.  It was a rainy, dreary Sunday in Cardiff (which was all I could spare from the London study trip which I'd claimed was the real reason I wanted to go to the UK), and I loved it.  I wanted to hug the whole place to me, tuck it up in my pocket and keep it with me forever.

I also have a thing about plaid.  It's always sort of been there, simmering just underneath the surface, but this past year it has erupted into being, fully formed and ravenous.  New this fall: stripes.  I'm loving 'em.  So it is with great drooling joy that I share this with you: Blankets.  From Wales.  They are plaid, and striped, and perfect.

These and more available here, found via Katy Elliot, who also loves plaid and stripes and is considerably less insane about it.

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