Tuesday, October 27, 2009


This past weekend, I attended a mustache-themed party at the home of my good friends Alex and Marley.  I know you're dying to see photos of my mustache, but sadly there aren't any.  I printed a paper template from the mustache-on-a-stick masters, Something's Hiding in Here.  Their wooden mustaches are The Best, but I do not have one.  I paired my paper mustache with a collapsible top hat that's been in my family forever.  But this post isn't actually about mustaches.  No, it is about sugar gliders.

Alex and Marley have two of the little buggers (named Icarus and Daedalus, which I think is setting them up for some misery but that's just me) and they are ADORABLE.  They have the beadiest little eyes, there is no cure for it.

All photos snagged from Marley's blog.  You should also check out her portfolio, she is a talent behind the camera for sure as certain.

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Marley said...

awww, my little guys :-) they were definitely angry with us but we got them to calm down later, haha