Friday, October 30, 2009

days of heaven

A couple years back I dated a guy who was a total cinemaphile, and when the Criterion edition of Days of Heaven came out, let me tell you, we were at the nearest Best Buy to pick it up, hoo-boy.  We headed straight back to my house to watch it, and when it was over, he asked me what I thought of it.  My reply was, "The interiors were incredible!" which probably wasn't the response he was going for, but I think he was just glad I wasn't traumatized, like I was after we watched Punch-Drunk Love.

I kind of thought I was the only one to have noticed the interiors (keep in mind that I was the only person of my acquaintance who'd even seen the film), but apparently I am not.  It's no secret that I love Amy Merrick's Living In series for Design*Sponge, and, as usual, she is spot-on.

I really wanted to move into that house, and her picks totally reinforce that desire.

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