Monday, September 7, 2009

why do you

I haven't seen (500) Days of Summer (yet), but I am loving this little video. The song, too, which is by she&him, of which Zooey Deschanel is half. Also, is it just me, or does JGL really resemble Heath Ledger here? Something about his smile.


Veronica Hohenstein said...

I want to see this movie SO bad! Everybody is raving about it. And yes, he looks a bit like Heath... it's definitely that sly smile!

Laura Marie said...

They DO share a very similar smile--that ear-to-ear grin filled with boyish charm and hinting at a devil-may-care attitude.

Soooo much fun. I've been a fan since 3rd Rock from the Sun and the ORIGINAL 10 Things I Hate About You--in which the two men co-starred. Great movie. Although I hear the ABC family show is just as good.

Love you Duchess of mine.

Kelly Anne said...

It's funny, I didn't even know the tv show existed until about 2 days ago. Sorry, seems like blasphemy to me.