Tuesday, September 15, 2009

made for walking

After spending a summer practically barefoot, I've discovered that I'm craving all kinds of shoes all of a sudden.I am evidently so not over my yellow phase yet. Clockwise, from bottom left:
Crimson Cutout Heels, from Anthropologie
Ivanyi by AK Anne Klein
Flaxen Wedges, from Anthro
Sundrop Heels, from Anthro

I know the flats seem like the odd ones out in there, but I have a pair of yellow flats I bought a year ago and have nearly worn into nothing, so I'm desperately seeking replacements. There's just something about wearing yellow shoes that makes the whole day a lot more cheerful!
And on the opposite end of the "cheerful" spectrum, we have...gray boots. I've wanted a nice pair of gray suede boots for over a year now, though please don't ask me how or why it started. Again, clockwise from bottom left:
Suede Pleated Bootie by Kimchi Blue
Rosebud by Rocket Dog
Rolette by Aerosoles

What bits of fashion are speaking to you this fall?

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Marley said...

I am in LOVE with the grey boots with the heel!! I want!