Thursday, August 13, 2009

pola heaven

I have been a bad blogger, I know it. My family was here for a week, and then this week has been hella rainy, meaning that EVERYONE ON THE ISLAND IS IN THE BOOKSHOP. Which is nice, for my paycheck. But stressful. Really stressful. I've been taking a ton of Polaroids this summer, though, more than any other kind of photo! I uploaded a bunch Monday. Do you want to see some? Well, okay...

manteo light
kel and sky

The feet you see with mine in the last shot are those of my cousin Skylar. Skylar, 8, had never seen a polaroid camera before. When I explained how it worked, she exclaimed "You mean you don't have to put them on the computer to print them??" So you see, polaroids aren't old-fashioned, they are the height of new technology! This from the precocious daughter of a computer nerd. My family's kind of awesome.

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