Tuesday, July 21, 2009

fluffy little stalker

Living in someone else's home for an extended period of time comes with its own set of hurdles, but in my case the biggest hurdle has a name, and it is Tripp. My aunt, with whom I'm living this summer, has 4 dogs, and of these canine cousins, Tripp is #3. He's a Tibetan Spaniel. Now, Tripp doesn't know you, but he doesn't like you. He finds you (yes, you) suspicious, and will not hesitate to let you know it, hoo boy. A friend came to visit me and the poor girl couldn't take a step without Tripp barking at her. One morning, he woke us up barking at my closed bedroom door. Internet, I am not making this up. This is a very smart, very suspicious dog.

Tripp can count on one paw the number of people he trusts, and fortunately for my ability to walk through the house, I'm one of them. Unfortunately, Tripp doesn't just trust me, or even just like me. He is obsessed with me. He's my very own little stalker! When I wake up in the morning, Tripp will often be lying in the hall staring at my door. If he isn't there, I can guarantee that he will be as soon as he hears the shower. But, really, that's not so bad. However, about a month ago, he started staging grand explorations through my laundry. My aunt said that he would do that with hers, looking for stray treats perhaps left in the pockets of discarded trousers. But treats are not what Tripp wants in my laundry. No, he wants my underwear. He finds it, and if I don't catch him in the act, he absconds with it. I am the only person he does this to.

There have been other incidents, but I will do you a favor and not go into detail. As a result, I have become convinced that somewhere in the house there is a dark corner plastered with candid photos of me, taken by Tripp with some kind of miniature zoom lens, perhaps from his vantage point underneath my door. I will not be surprised if I return home in September with some kind of complex.

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Wu said...

That is such a great photo and your summary is spot on. He's got his eye on you! :P I'm so sorry about Curtis - he was the sweetest and most likely to kiss perfect strangers like me. Looking forward to more news about the new pup - perhaps Tripp will have someone new to stalk soon?