Sunday, June 21, 2009

falker satherhood


Happy Father's Day, Pop! (also all you other dads out there!) In addition to a card covered in fish (illustrated, not real), I also sent my dad this gem of an e-card. I gotta say, I do love They've got quality stuff with just enough snark!

I apologize for my lack of posts. The internet is tricky where I'm living (I'm actually on the bookstore computer now). Here is an update, however: so far I have worked for 9 days straight, gone to the beach twice, seen some wild horses, toured the Whalehead Club with the curator, read Heather Armstrong's fantastic book, and finally, finally, had a day off. Tonight I am going to see Up (for a second time) with my aunts, uncle, and possibly some cousins thrown in. This is a pretty sweet life, y'all.

ps: if the subject of this post confuses you, then clearly you have not seen this most hilarious of cake wrecks.

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